Burning Light

Burning-Light-website-sizeBURNING LIGHT

Book 2 of 3 in The Seventh World Trilogy
Retail Price: $17.99
ISBN: 978-0-9739591-3-0
Page count: 360

After five hundred years of oppression, the Seventh World is beginning to wake to the realities of the unseen world behind its own. The rise of the Gifted, young men and women with uncommon abilities, portends the coming of the King of ancient days . . . but evil is also waking.

Aware that their control is beginning to slip, the Order of the Spider sets out to convert the Gifted or destroy them. Among those caught in the conflict are Nicolas Fisher, a young Gypsy running from the past, and Maggie Sheffield, whose life now looks to the future.

Driven underground in the city of Pravik, Maggie hopes for a new world . . . and unearths an ancient one, hidden for centuries from the light. Nicolas, following the mysterious call of a voice in the river that only he can hear, must turn and face everything he fears most: his past, love, and especially himself, if he is to save everything he cares about.

In the mountains of the north, a young man named Michael O’Roarke finds new life–and love–in a mysterious young healer called Miracle. But the forces of evil are hard on Miracle’s heels, and only Michael can save her.

As the world takes sides, their lives will play an integral role: in the coming of light, or the triumph of darkness.

Burning Light is the second book in The Seventh World Trilogy.

Also available as an ebook from Amazon and other retailers.

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