Coming Day



Book 3 of 3 in The Seventh World Trilogy
Retail Price: $17.99
ISBN: 978-0-9739591-8-5
Page count: 392

It has been two years since the last battle between the rebels of Pravik and the ruling Empire, and while they have been peaceful, they have also brought a new threat with them: Terrified of the supernatural powers evident in Pravik’s people and unwilling to be branded as traitors themselves, the surrounding communities will not trade with Pravik, dooming the city to a slow, starving death within its own walls.

When emissaries arrive from the emperor, inviting the Ploughman to form an alliance with him, he has no choice but to go. But in doing so, he ignores the vision of the blind seer Virginia Ramsey, who has seen deadly consequences at the end of the Ploughman’s journey.

Desperate for help from another source, Virginia sets out on a journey of her own, accompanied by the Darkworld priestess Rehtse—a journey to find the King and bring him to Pravik’s aid.

Their parallel journeys will at last open the way to the worlds unseen, bringing in powers, terrors, beauties, and a final confrontation no one could imagine. Central to the fate of their world are the Gifted: the Singer, Seer, Healer, Listener, Warrior, and Voice.

Coming Day is the third book in The Seventh World Trilogy.

Also available as an ebook from Amazon and other retailers.

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